Activities and Exercises

These activities and exercises are for all of those occasions when you requir an ice-breaker, or an energizer, or a stimulating exercise to get people thinking and discussing and asking themselves questions; or a teamwork activity or process that takes a group through discovery to decisions together.


Motivation Exercise

Motivation mountain

There are 26 reasons for motivation (or demotivation) in this exercise, A to Z.  Participants choose their favourite six or ten and then compare.


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This motivation exercise enables you to explain and to create a discussion about the theory of motivation and how to apply motivational understanding to everyday management.

The exercise develops a distinction between genuine motivators (higher order aspirations) and 'de-motivators' (those elements that cause demotivation when absent.

The exercise also emphasises the range of different motivations that drive people and especially those motivations that are typical of project teams.




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